Stuff I Learned from My First Trip to Arizona

I don’t really like Phoenix, but it does have some good restaurants. If you’ve never been to Phoenix, allow me to paint you a picture of it: Imagine a long, straight, flat road lined with shopping centers (and the occasional cactus and palm tree). Then imagine like 100 more, all intersecting with one another. That’s Phoenix. But we did have some tasty peetz at Pizzeria Bianco (located in one of the aforementioned shopping centers). And the tacos (and $3 margaritas) at Paz Cantina hit the spot after marathon #15. (Obviously I was there to run a marathon. To be discussed in a later post.)


The Sonny Boy: tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami, and olives.


Don’t eat the oranges that grow on bushes in people’s yards. I kept telling Paul, “They’d harvest them if they were any good,” but no, he did not listen to me. Apparently they taste like lemons, but worse.

Don't do it! And not just because it's stealing.

Don’t do it! And not just because it’s stealing.

The prettiest way to get from Phoenix to Flagstaff is through Sedona. It’s also kind of a treacherous drive up the mountain, but worth it for Oak Creek Brewing Company and their Simon’s Hot Dogs counter. The Colombian, with pineapple and potato chips on top, was shockingly delicious.

The Grand Canyon is an average of one mile deep and 10 miles (!) wide. It is also super gorgeous and totally worth the visit. Photos cannot do it justice (but I took almost 100 anyway).

My fave.

My fave.

Only 12 people die at the Grand Canyon each year, and only two or three of those deaths is a fall over the edge. Based on the number of TOTAL DUMMIES walking out on cliffs to get photos, Paul and I were sure this number would be higher. (Source.)

Look at those dummies! Paul couldn't even watch them moving around out there.

Look at those dummies! Paul couldn’t even watch them moving around out there.

Velour has been around since the 1800s. According to the Tusayan Museum in Grand Canyon National Park, it’s been a part of traditional Navajo dress since then. And here I thought it was a relatively new fabric created to make upscale sweatsuits.

Selfie sticks are a thing. I saw at least 20 people with them at the Grand Canyon. I get why they’re useful — the older gentleman we asked to take our picture got his finger in the frame for every single one — but man. So dorky.



When you go somewhere warm in the middle of winter, it’s guaranteed to snow the day you get home. We got about three inches after work yesterday, and I was just thinking, “But a few days ago I was eating outside in the sunshine and I was almost too warm!” At least I got to get away.


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  1. Wow your description of Phoenix is perfect! It does have some good eats and I’m glad you also find selfie sticks useful but dorky.

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