Race Recap: Kelly LaBare 5K 2014

This race was my first ever road race back in 2003 (!), so when I realized I’d be in Binghamton for it, I figured it might be cool to do it again. “I’ll totally blow my 16-year-old self out of the water,” I thought.

Well, I did, but not by as much as I expected—21:24 versus 23:15. I really thought I’d go sub-21 because I did it, handily, after all that beer and cheese back in March.

No. It was warm and very humid (84%!) and my body just DID NOT WANT. I went out like I was going to go sub-21 and very quickly was like, “NOPE.”



I was wildly disappointed after my 2003 performance as well. Funny how that works!

I am trying to remember a few things: that it was humid, that my coach had me run four warmup miles in weather that didn’t require much of a warmup, that she did so because I am working toward a marathon and not a 5K, and that my performance was, down to the second, exactly what the Run Smart Calculator prescribed for me given the conditions and my current fitness.

Basically, I wanted this race to boost my confidence, and it didn’t. But I probably shouldn’t have expected it to.

At least I got in a little racing experience before The Big Day. I hadn’t raced since April, so, I guess that’s good?


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3 Responses to Race Recap: Kelly LaBare 5K 2014

  1. Not sure how I ended up here (browsing for race day pics) but great job Meghan! I enjoyed reading your thoughts; and you’re right, It was a hellishly humid run…

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