A Life Update!

Wedding Stuff

As a lady, I am required to blog about this, right? We set a date (May 30, 2015). We booked the church, and the reception hall. We booked the DJ, and the photographer. We secured our bridal party. We figured out the honeymoon. So now, I am putting my feet up and not doing much of anything for a while.

(Unless there’s something I should be doing even though the wedding is over a year away. Tell me if there is.)

Here is the venue. Exposed brick!

Here is the venue. Exposed brick! It is bigger than this photo makes it seem.

Also, we decided to have wedding pie instead of wedding cake. Obviously this decision needed to be made right now. Everyone should go to Bingham’s in northeastern Pennsylvania and try the Fruits of the Forest pie ASAP. They don’t deliver, so we will need to pick up the pies ourselves, somehow, and get them to the venue, somehow, but PIE, guys. THE BEST PIE IN THE WORLD. Worth it.

ALL THE BERRIES + Apples + Rhubarb

ALL THE BERRIES + Apples + Rhubarb

Saint Douglas Day

The annual celebration of Bruce Springsteen was a blast, as always. The Boss did not show up, despite our multiple attempts to contact him. Sad, but our party lives to see another year!

And our wonderful friends got us this amazing cardboard cutout, and terrifying cake with a photo of us with our faces switched printed upon it.


Top: Good use of Photoshop. Bottom: Horrifying use of Photoshop.


St. Patrick's Day in D.C.

St. Patrick’s Day in D.C.

Last weekend in Philly. IT'S A LIBERTY BELL-FIE. GET IT? GET IT?

Last weekend in Philly. IT’S A LIBERTY BELL-FIE. GET IT? GET IT?


I am doing quite a bit of it. Goal race comin’.


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4 Responses to A Life Update!

  1. Colleen L says:

    Way behind on the blog world lately so catching up on a bunch of your posts…first, congrats on the engagement!!! Also, awesome 5k…especially with a bunch of beers consumed the night before, haha. I’m impressed. Look forward to hearing about your upcoming goal race!

    • Meghan Loftus says:

      Hey, thanks! I am really excited (obviously). Some of our friends were like, “Come on, get married this fall!” And I was like, “Nope, I have a marathon to run.”

      Do you have any big races coming up, or are you in the full Wedding Planning Vortex?

      • The wedding planning is actually going really smoothly, which is good since I had no idea how to go about it!

        I’m still not sure about a fall marathon though. I’m really tempted and am eyeing Steamtown. But on top of my own wedding, I have a big week-long work conference end of July in LA followed by 3 weddings in 4 weeks that I have to travel to, so just not sure I should commit myself to a full. I’m finally getting my running game back though (My bad day at MCM threw me off for way longer than it should have), so I’m looking at fall halfs and really want to PR at one since that distance seems to be my nemesis!!

  2. Megan says:

    Last year, I decided I’d have birthday pie from now on and felt like a rebel. I applaud your choice! I hope they give you many tastings so that you can determine which pies will be best for your wedding.

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