Race Recap: Run for Youth 10-Miler 2014

At last! A race! I’ve been quietly toiling away with my coach for the last 2.5 months, and I finally had a chance to test my progress Saturday.

This was less a “race,” more a “run with some other people that I paid $20 to do.” Yeah — only $20! It’s amazing how much cheaper races are when the roads aren’t closed. (Closed roads are important for most races. There were very few cars on this course. Still, it made me a bit nervous.)

So, what you really came here to find out: I finished in 1:15:57 (7:36 pace), which is about a five-minute 10-miler PR. (Full disclosure: I’ve run three other 10-milers in my life, two of them during my Run Less, Eat More college years.) Full results

Here’s an out-of-focus picture of me getting my 1st place age group GOLD MEDAL.*

1959330_602857709795607_1465556867_n(There was a woman on the course taking photos during my triumphant three-mile surge towards the finish — I paced myself a little too well, perhaps — but hers were not in the album I found.)

(This woman also told me to “pick it up” because a guy I had just passed was “right behind me.” Does this kind of encouragement bother anyone else? I’m obviously not racing against this guy — he’s a dude, so he’s not in my age group — so what does it really matter if he passes me? I guess I’m just not adequately competitive.)

I was kind of bummed that I didn’t manage to at least match my PR half-marathon pace, but it was like 15 degrees outside and the course was pretty challenging, okay?

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 5.51.14 PM

I was NOT kind of bummed about the postrace spread, which included a giant box of soft pretzels. I may have had more than my share of those while waiting for awards.

In conclusion, this was a pretty strong effort that makes me excited about how my training is going.

*I now reserve the right to tell everyone who will listen that I am a gold medalist. Okay? Okay.


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