Weekly Training Recap: 12/16/13 – 12/22/13

Monday, 12/16 – 3.57 miles (8:24 avg. pace)
AM: 30:00 on the treadmill, alternating between 6.7 mph (easy) and 8.6 mph (hard), with 60 seconds hard at the start of each new song. My right hip (and, new pain alert!, right butt) bothered me during the faster portions, especially toward the end. It did seem to help to engage my abs and make sure I was running “properly,” but I don’t think my body is well-trained enough to hold this during speedwork yet. Also, treadmills will throw you off. + Full hip PT routine after

Tuesday, 12/17 – 3.1 miles (very slow avg. pace)
AM: Full hip PT routine
Lunch: We got MORE SNOW (theme of December) so I ran to the Emmaus Run Inn to invest in a pair of Yaktrax. Cait and Hannah were nice enough to accompany me. Despite our cautious pace, Hannah still wiped out on hidden ice. Freakin’ winter. Right hip felt mostly OK; some achiness in right groin. (Old kickball injury acting up. Yes, seriously: Kickball.)

Wednesday, 12/18 – 6 miles (9:11 avg. pace) + skiing
AM: Full hip PT routine + run to Trexler Park in my new Yaktrax. These help SO MUCH with traction. I got a little overeager and tried to bring it up to tempo pace for a bit, and my hip got angry. I’m fairly certain I haven’t mastered my improved-posture form well enough to maintain it when I speed up. (Especially in slick conditions.) Slowing down made it feel better, though. As much as I’ve enjoyed the snow, I’m looking forward to not having to hurdle three-foot snowbanks whenever I want to cross a street.
PM: Skiing with Erin. Hoo boy. It had been three years since my last (and only) time skiing, so I was basically starting from scratch. I did well (she says) but I don’t know that I built much confidence. I am planning on investing in a lesson before the Killington trip in late January. (I finally looked at a map of the mountain and am super intimidated/afraid I’ll end up accidentally careening down a double black diamond and into a tree.)

ski diagram

Thursday, 12/19 – rest
So. Sore. From. Skiing. Holy glutes. Still did my PT exercises, though.

Friday, 12/20 – 5.05 miles (8:40 avg. pace)
AM: Full hip PT exercises
Lunch: Great run with Cait and Hannah. Finally, the snow has melted enough that we’re not constantly in fear of wiping out! I tried to rein us in a couple times — we were getting into the 7:50 pace range for a while — but it just felt so good to not be treading so carefully anymore. Hip felt good!

Saturday, 12/21 – off

Sunday, 12/22 – 10.7 miles (8:52 avg. pace)
AM: And then it was 65 degrees and humid. The snow started to melt in a serious way, which turned into fog, which sank into the lower spots I ran through. Hip felt good. + full hip PT exercises

Fog! At like 11 am, too.

Fog! At like 11 am, too.

Total: 28.42 miles


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  1. Yayyyy skiing! FYI: My dad said there’s an awesome/large gentle beginner slope area at Killington called “the snowshed area.” Sounds perfect! 🙂

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