Weekly Training Recap: 12/9/13 – 12/15/13

Monday, 12/9 – 30 minutes strength training
Lunch: Full hip PT routine + stability things. I’m using the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises to try some new moves. (And to discover that some new moves appear to be too difficult for me to do correctly.)

Tuesday, 12/10 – 4 miles, 40:57 (10:07 avg. pace)
AM: SNOW RUN! We got a couple inches overnight. I’d hoped to run trails but the drive to work took much longer than expected thanks to the snow. I did the Loftus Loop + full hip PT routine. Hip felt stiff, but not necessarily painful.

Wednesday, 12/11 – 5.2 miles, 46:45 (9:05 avg. pace) + 30 minutes strength training
AM: Full hip PT routine + stability work. My planking and side-planking ability is pretty sad, when my body is aligned properly.
Lunch: With a crew, for the first time in a while. There were some icy patches out there. Again: Hip stiffness, but not pain. It hurts the most when I’m alone and obsessing over it! STARTED NEW MIZUNOS.

Thursday, 12/12 – 3.3 miles, 35:47 (10:42 avg. pace)
AM: An unexpected snowy run. We had a squall overnight that left about an inch of powder. Underneath: Ice from the last storm! I ran very, very carefully. Beautiful morning, though. I wished I’d brought my camera. The sunrise through snowy trees reflecting on fresh snow on the ground…this is what I miss about living in upstate NY. That sight is rare here and pretty much defines winter just a few hours north. Hip felt good. + Full hip PT routine

Friday, 12/13 – 10 miles, 1:26:56 (8:41 avg. pace)
AM: NO HIP PAIN! Woo woo. Did full hip PT routine first. I chose a flat-ish route to try to avoid wiping out, but the roads were clearer than I expected. This was night and day from last week’s attempted 10-miler. I was excited for the calorie burn so I could enjoy this trough of guac with Paul Friday night (along with a pitcher of margaritas).

photo 1

Saturday, 12/14 – rest
SNOW. We got about 7 inches, starting in the afternoon. I could have run (and now see that I should have) before it really got going. No hip PT. Whoops.

Sunday, 12/15 – 4-ish mile walk with Paul + full hip PT
AM: It was clear running in the snow and slop would be hazardous. I need to get YakTrax if we’re seriously going to be getting snow this winter. (I think we’ve already had more than we had all last year!) A mile of this walk was through Cedar Beach Park, which was both beautiful and completely covered in snow (covered in a layer of ice). Quite a workout, walking through here.

photo 2

photo 3

Total: 22.5 (26.5 if you count the walk, which I don’t)


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