Year in Running: 2013

I saw Theodora’s post and decided to jump on the bandwagon. At this point, it might help me to take a moment to remember that the year hasn’t been a complete wash, running-wise.

Best Race Experience

Honestly, the BAA 5-K. It’s the one race this year in which I ran exponentially faster than expected. I  took down a nearly 10-year-old PR, and I took it down handily. I still can’t believe I maintained 6:30 pace for an entire 5-K. That seems unfathomably fast.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 2.35.27 PM

Runner-up: The St. Luke’s Half, where I ran another decent-sized PR. April was a speedy month for me.

Best Run

Hey, remember that time I did a 20-miler with the last 12 miles at 8:10 pace? And it felt pretty good, like I could have kept going? And I didn’t have any hip pain? Yes, September 7’s run was my best of the year.

(I did some much faster long runs in February — a 15-miler at 7:50 pace, what? –but then I busted up my IT band, so, I won’t count those as good.)

Best New Piece of Gear

I really dig my Runner’s World singlet (see above photo). I’ve yet to run a bad race in it. Maybe I should wear it more…

Best Piece of Running Advice

Get a coach. Well, I don’t know if it’s the best advice yet, but after a fairly frustrating year of trying to plan my marathon training on my own and ending up injured, underprepared, or both, I feel a lot of relief already knowing that I’ll be giving up the reins next year.

Most Inspirational Runner

Oh, geez. Well, my coworker Erin inspired me to seriously consider getting a coach — with her tale of being stuck at 3:41, then, with coaching, eventually running a 3:18 — so, I’ll pick her. Thanks, Erin!

If you could sum up your year in a couple words, what would they be?

Speedy, whooping, frustrating. Everything was going pretty well until the ol’ whooping cough reared its head. I never did feel 100% back on track with my running after that. But honestly, I was having issues even before it. I took time off in the first three months of the year for my hip (January), my IT band (February), and my knee (March). Luckily, the latter problems were caused by overtraining and bad shoes — easy fixes — but the hip lingers. My focus for this month is legitimately solving the problem so I can go into 2014 healthy and ready to train my face off.


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