Weekly Training Recap: 11/25/13 – 12/1/13

I swore I’d never be one to share every detail of my training, but I’m going to try it. I’m planning on working with a coach soon, and I can’t share my paper log with an online coach. Feel free to ignore these posts if you don’t care!

Monday, 11/25 – 3.2 miles, easy (9:22 avg. pace)
AM: It was very cold (20 degrees?). My right hip was stiff. I wiped out on the sidewalk at the end of the run and thus bagged postrun strength training (other than 10 pushups on my knees I could barely do) to tend to my bloody knee.



Tuesday, 11/26 – 6.3 miles, middle 3 on trails (10:06 avg. pace) + 30 minutes strength
AM: Less cold, some snow, before work. I got lost and tried to descend the mountain in a drainage ditch. (Luckily figured it out before I got too far.) Trails are hard but fun! I should run on them more often. Hip felt good.
Lunch: Gym for strength mishmash: some planks, some lunges, some squats, other ab stuff, arm stuff, leg stuff, box jumps, jumping over a line on one foot (it’s good for balance?), and some of the PT routine I got for my hip

Wednesday, 11/27 – XBike (spin class) 30 minutes + core work
Lunch: I am always the only person sweating in this class. So hard. Feels like my lungs/heart are going to explode, every single time. In a good way, though. Stayed for the core session, which consisted of like three exercises.

Thursday, 11/28 – 3ish miles, no watch
AM: Happy Thanksgiving! I had to bake a pie, so I didn’t have much running time.

Friday, 11/29 – Rest
Plus a 2.5-ish-mile walk with my mom.

Saturday, 11/30 – 7 miles, easy (10:21 avg. pace)
AM: Ran/chatted with Sue, just like the good ol’ days. We both thought we were going faster than we were. Oops/oh well.

Sunday, 12/1 – Rest
Christmas tree shopping day!

Total: 19.5 miles


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