Feeling One-Dimensional

When your job involves writing and editing stories about your number-one hobby, and doing your number-one hobby takes up a good chunk of your free time, and talking (/tweeting) about your number-one hobby takes up another good chunk, and your boyfriend decides to get involved in your number-one hobby just to see what all the fuss is about…you end up feeling pretty one-dimensional.


Is a stick-figure drawing one-dimensional or two-dimensional? Is anything actually one-dimensional? I don’t get dimensions.

There was a time in my life when I had passionate interests besides running. And I suppose I still do. They just get pushed aside to make more room for mileage and workouts and discussions about the two.

I realized my one-dimensionality at a get-together I attended after Sunday’s half. I got chatting with a group I’d never met before. I found out one of the guys was planning to do Marine Corps this coming weekend—his first marathon—and then we proceeded to bore the other people in the group with a lengthy discussion of paces and the race course and whatnot. (“Yes. The hill at the end is even more excruciating than you can imagine.”)

Things could be worse. As passionate interests go, running isn’t a terribly expensive one, nor is it (probably) bad for you. At least I’m not interested in, say, rare, mint-condition comic books, or heroin.

And yet. Remember when I used to know something about bands? Music is the primary “passionate interest” that’s gotten pushed aside as of late. And I subscribe to Spotify Premium, so I have no excuses. (Except that there’s so much music available, I don’t even know where to start a lot of the time.)

What new album (or song) do I need to hear? What old album (or song) do I need to hear? How do you keep your running (or other) obsession in check? Halp!


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6 Responses to Feeling One-Dimensional

  1. Jackie K says:

    Keeping my running obsession in check… Doesn’t happen. Injuries and not having an upcoming race will limit my blathering, but I’m still pretty one dimensional. Sometimes I try to fish out other people’s hobbies and let them blather. Depending on what it is, I may blankly smile and nod.

    I have no music for you, because I unabashedly listen to top 40 garbage. It’s scientifically engineered to have a thousand hooks per minute and repetitive lyrics. I’m all about it.

    • Meghan Loftus says:

      I’ve been pretty into Top 40 garbage as of late, myself. It’s so much easier to get into a song when you’re blasted with it every 10 minutes on the radio.

  2. I forgot about music for a while a few years ago too :(. I think it’s because some of my friends in grad school aren’t as into music as the ones from college (aka: you!). So: I think hanging around people who share other passions helps!

    I’m trying to listen to new stuff more often now. Saw “The Reflektors” on Colbert recently and thought they were neat!

  3. djamesbutton says:

    New album from The Head and The Heart came out a week ago, well worth a listen.

    Other than a quasi interest in music and politics I really have no other hobbies anymore. I’m in Oregon on vacation right now, simply because it seems like an excellent place to run.

  4. Araiz says:

    Oh my god. I’ve been feeling the same way the last months, talking, writing, traveling and thinking about paces, marathons, running shoes. That’s awful. Did you found the way out? I could use some advise. Thanks from a mexican Men’s Health colleague 🙂

    • Meghan Loftus says:

      Unfortunately, not really! I’m running my last planned race of the year this weekend, so maybe after that, I can take a little running-obsession break.

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