Race Recap: Runner’s World Half-Marathon 2013

…or “run” recap. I wasn’t technically “racing,” at least not at first.


(That’s Jess, Jocelyn, Jill, me, and Theodora. Photo credit: Jocelyn. Great to meet you and Jess, and great to see Jill and Theodora again!)

I went into this hoping to practice my first-half-of-Philly plan: Go out near the 1:55 pacer, creep up on the 1:50 pacer, finish comfortably in the 1:48-1:49 range. “That should feel easy,” I thought.

Well, it didn’t. I’m not fully recovered from Smuttynose. And once it became apparent that even hanging with the 1:50 crowd would feel somewhat challenging, I decided I might as well race it in.

My chip time comes up as same as the gun time (1:47:11), which makes me look like the a-hole who starts in front but does not belong there. (It took me and Jill about 50 seconds to cross the start line, per her results, so I’ll guess my actual time was more like a 1:46:20.)

The results have been corrected — I ran a  1:46:18.

-295898552ddeeaa3A blurry photo of me (orange shirt, shamrock socks) via Lehigh Valley Live.

I accidentally stopped my watch at mile 2, like a champion, so I have no idea how fast I was going at any given point. I decided to “race” around mile 9 — I was with the 1:50 pacer until then — so I dropped almost four minutes off my expected finish time over the last 4.1 miles. Math? I was going kind of fast, I guess? Help?

Anyway. It was a super-fun weekend of total running immersion, just like last year. I will ask my coach and master’s Runner’s World Half champion Budd Coates (1:20:18!) what to do between now and Philly.

And an important final note: Paul dropped 10 minutes off his best half-marathon time yesterday, even though he’s in the middle of his highest mileage training weeks for his first marathon. So proud!


(Photo cred: Caitlin.)


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