Sleep Is Crazy, Huh?

Last week, Paul went to some press event and got one of these bracelets as a gift. It tracks your steps (somewhat interesting) and your sleep (extremely interesting). I gave it a test spin last night. Check it out:

sleep106% just means I exceeded my “goal” of sleeping for 8 hours. (Woo hoo!)

Is it bad that less than half my sleep is “deep,” or is that normal?

How is it that a middle-of-the-night pee break can keep me awake for 31 minutes?

Should I be embarrassed that my bedtime is suitable for a Golden Girl?

What magic was employed to create this device and can we use it to make apparition possible?

Anyway. I just wanted to publicly marvel at how cool this thing is. I’ll do another post when I have graphs that show how running a marathon and/or enjoying a few beers affects one’s sleep cycle.


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2 Responses to Sleep Is Crazy, Huh?

  1. Your sleep patterns look pretty normal to me! Lots of REM (light sleep) is good :). Falling asleep while drunk should just put you into a really long deep sleep at first, and probably result in a higher percentage of deep sleep total. REM is the sleep phase most responsible for making you feel refreshed in the morning!

    There’s an app for the iPhone that essentially does the same thing (“Sleep Time”), and you can set it so that it will wake you up within a specified time range, depending on when you are most lightly sleeping. It’s pretty cool. I am skeptical of how accurate that app is though. You have to put your phone on the bed and it only monitors your sleep levels by sensing motion. Does the bracelet say how it works? Is it motion-based?

    • Meghan Loftus says:

      I don’t think REM is considered light sleep by them? Here’s an explanation of the bracelet’s definition of the two:

      The bracelet is motion-based too. I used its alarm to wake me up when I was lightly sleeping, and it did, but I rarely wake up feeling interrupted. (Though on the rare occasions it does happen, I’m extra groggy and stupid all morning.)

      My patterns for last night were totally different. Way shorter chunks of deep sleep. I did feel like I was sleeping more restlessly (thanks to the scary movie I watched just before bed) and the graph reflects it.

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