Half-Marathon Training Is GREAT!

I haven’t raced a half in over two years—my last one was Disney Princess in 2011.

Nine marathons later (um, what? who have I become?), I’m finally getting around to training for another.

I almost forgot what the training for a half is like. That is: EASY.

(Well, easy compared to marathon training. And by “easy,” I mostly mean, “less time-consuming.”)

I’m following an “advanced” plan, yet my longest long run is two hours (maybe 14-15 miles). I max out at six 800-meter repeats, which is where marathon training plans start. And, even in the peak weeks of training, I have some three-mile runs. THREE-MILE RUNS.


What am I going to do with all my free time?

What I should do: Finish hanging pictures in the guest room. Clean the interior of my car, which is coated with enough dust to make me cringe every time I drive somewhere. Strength-train or do yoga.

What I probably will do: Spend more time working on my beer list at the smoky yet charming Tavern on Liberty. Hey, I don’t have to be up as early or on the road as long.

I’m looking forward to a couple months free from “where/when will I do my long run?” anxiety. I can squeeze in a couple hours pretty much any weekend, or even before work if necessary.

And in 2010, the last time I genuinely trained for a half (Princess was part of Big Sur buildup), I dropped 15 minutes off my marathon PR in the fall. (Disregard the fact that it was only my second marathon.)

3:22, here I come?


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