The Most Innovative Use of Social Media I’ve Seen

Alternate title: A Pi Day Miracle.

Today was Pi Day, which meant lots of people on the internet were tweeting or Facebooking photos of pie. Sadly, we didn’t have any pie at Runner’s World. My coworker Hannah tweeted:

A little over an hour later, the second-floor mail carrier showed up at Hannah’s desk with a delivery from Louie’s Bakery.

It was two pies—one apple, one coconut creme—sent from the folks at, who follow Hannah (and me) on Twitter.


Whoever is in charge of @StrideBox: From one social media professional to another, well done!

And thank you for the pie. It was awesome.

Important note: StrideBox did not compensate me to say this…well, except with pie. Seriously, though—they were trying to get our attention, and they got it. I’m impressed with their Twitter-as-marketing-tool prowess.


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