All Your Questions About My Running Hiatus, Answered

I’m in the midst of taking two weeks off from running. And now, I will answer all the questions I’m sure you have.

Elites do it!
– My last break of more than a few days was in October 2011, courtesy of bronchitis.
– Related: I am burnt out, I did not enjoy prepping for Disney, and I have a few races on the horizon I want to enjoy prepping for.
– I need to get back in the habit of putting in some work in the gym, or my wonky right leg (see photo) may completely cease to function.

“What are you doing instead?”
– Last week: A whole lot of nothing.
– This week: Pool running intervals, spin class, and weights.

“How does this make you feel?”
– Sore.
– Surprisingly tired.
– Lucky to have an excuse to avoid being outside during the coldest winter week we’ve had thus far.

“Have you made a color-coded Excel spreadsheet detailing your training plan for the rest of the spring?”
– I had a lot of time on my hands when I wasn’t running last week.

“Does looking at said spreadsheet make you want to go for a run right now?”
– No. If it were over 20 degrees outside, for sure.

“Did you convince a few unsuspecting coworkers to accompany you next Tuesday to the most brutal strength-training regimen your company gym offers, the Class Formerly Known As Body Works?”
– Definitely not. We’re, um, going to a really easy and fun class where you get lots of encouragement and breaks.

“How on earth do you get in quality runs when you’re dealing with muscle soreness from quality strength training?”
– I don’t know the answer to this, which is why I fell off the strength-training wagon. Any advice, readers?


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2 Responses to All Your Questions About My Running Hiatus, Answered

  1. Should quality strength training make you sore? Are you stretching properly after and drinking enough fluids? When I do weight stuff I’m never really “sore.” Maybe extra tired for the next few hours, but that’s all. Does that mean it’s not quality?

    • mgloftus says:

      I think you should be at least a little sore the next day! If you’re not sore, you’re not challenging yourself enough. A little sore I can handle, so maybe I’ll just continue my self-directed 30 minutes of assorted strength exercises I learned from said horribly difficult class. (If I go to the class, I have to do the exercises I don’t like in addition to the ones I’d choose myself.)

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