Entering Double Digits

For some reason, when I turned 10, I was so excited to be “entering the double digits”—that is, a time when my age would consist of two numbers instead of just one. Why this was such a thrill, I can’t explain. There wasn’t much going on in my life then, I guess.

But soon, I’ll be entering a different kind of double digits, one that merits some excitement: On Sunday, I’ll be running my 10th marathon.

The Walt Disney World one, if you’re curious. And here’s a course tour video, if you’re really curious:

It’s crazy to think that just four years ago I could barely run a half. I remember turning to my friend during that race and saying, “People do this twice in a row? That’s insane.” And now, I can maintain a faster pace than I did that day while running twice as long.

It’s even crazier to think that three years ago, I’d only done one marathon, and two years ago, I’d only done two. As training has become less of a burden, I’ve thrown the one-marathon-per-year limit out the window. I’m hoping to do five in 2013: Disney, Red Rock, Delaware, Hampton Rockfest, and Philly.

It’s the craziest to think that, at the end of this year, when I’ll (hopefully) have run 14 marathons, I’ll still have 40 to go to complete my 50 states project—and that’s if I don’t duplicate states (unlikely, as I love that wonderful and convenient Philly Marathon).

Marathoning has been good to me thus far, but I need to start taking better care of my body if I want it to power me through 40+ more of these. I’m looking forward to taking the rest of the month post-Disney to recover, and then to start piling on the strength-training and cross-training I know I need to get into if I want to complete this life project.


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