And Now, for My 2013 Resolutions

Should I even bother making these, given that I only completed one of the three I set for myself in 2012? (If I manage to find an envelope and mail a couple pieces of paper before Tuesday, I’ll be two for three. That ain’t bad.)

Obviously, the answer is yes. I love New Year’s Resolutions. I love thinking about all the possibilities a new year brings. I love it a little less when I think about all the resolutions I’ve failed to keep in the past, but still, love.

New Year's Eve goal: To dance my face off to the sounds of these dudes.

New Year’s Eve goal: To dance my face off to the sounds of these dudes.

So, my traditional three resolutions for 2013:

Work up to being able to complete the entire IronStrength workout at once. This workout is 50 minutes of mostly body-weight strength moves, including pushups, jump squats, jump lunges, and the dreaded burpee. A few weeks ago, I did two sets of 10 lunges and squats, with no weight, and could barely walk for three days. I have a ways to go, but I think devoting more time to strength training will help me be less injured. (And faster!)

Read 12 books. A book a month may seem like a meager goal, but I don’t want to set my sights too high and then resort to reading a bunch of short novels just to meet my quota.

Unplug from social media, somewhat. I don’t even want to know how many times every day I absentmindedly visit Twitter and Facebook, on my computer and on my phone. But, I need to visit them some, for work. (And because I do get to read some interesting/educational things on there, from time to time.) The best approach is probably to devote a few specific times a day I can check.

You’ll notice I have no running-specific goals on this list. That’s because I have so many running-specific goals that I don’t know which ones to tackle this year. The BQ comes first, but I’d also like a half-marathon PR (likely at the Lehigh Valley Half in April) and a 5-K PR (that 21:01 I ran in high school must be avenged!). But because so much in running depends on weather and health, I think it’s wiser to focus on things I can control.

Happy last few days of 2012, everyone!


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