Ramblings of an Injured Runner

Here are the stupid things I did that got me injured:

  • Ditching low-impact hill training for high-impact speed training for the fist eight weeks of my marathon buildup.
  • Attempting to change my form in the middle of a 20-miler a few days after a colleague pointed out that my right leg kicks out at the back of each stride.
  • Running in shoes that are probably too old.

What exactly is wrong? Oh, my entire right leg. First, it was some IT band tightness. I foam rolled and pressed on. Then, the aches traveled to my hip and butt. It was my peak week. “I want to get all these workouts in,” I said. “I’ll deal with this next week.” Dumb. Stupid. Dumb.

I took three days completely off after the 22-miler that wrecked me. Oh, look. Something smart. That’s different.

I ran again Wednesday, short and slow, no problems, and yesterday, faster and longer, yes problems. After six miles or so, my butt and hip started to throb. The butt soreness persists today. More time off awaits.

I need to run the Runner’s World Half next weekend for work.* I’m a pacer. If I don’t get through it pain-free, I’m not going to feel so good about my chances at the Marine Corps Marathon the following Sunday.

Taking the entire next week off? Why, yes, I do believe I will.

And I’ll sit at work, weeping inside, as my coworkers go out for carefree, pain-free runs. I’ll be as cheerful and friendly as I can to the people who come to run our race, but deep down, I’ll be incredibly nervous that I’ll end up with this now all-too-familiar pain afterwards. And if I do, what do I do about Marine Corps? Run through it and risk hurting myself even more? Or miss my chance to do this once-in-a-lifetime race?

There’s nothing I can do now. The hay is in the barn–both the fitness hay and the injury hay. Which kind of hay will there be more of by the half next weekend? Impossible to say. But resting, I’m sure, is the best chance I have at getting rid of the bad kind…

*Important note: I should clarify–I agreed to do this for work, and I really want to do it, too. I’d be super disappointed if I had to drop out for any reason. I’m really looking forward to running the course and chatting with the folks who’ve signed up!


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