Deep Thoughts from the Schnecksville Fair

I spent last Friday evening at the Schnecksville Fair. My mom rarely took me to fairs as a child—I always wanted to go on all the dangerous, overpriced rides—so the small-town fair experience was relatively new to me.

My mood bordered on hangry when we arrived, so we went straight for the food trucks. I had a corn dog (it’s a fair! you have to!) and split a giant beef taco with Paul.

Then, we walked through the barns where live pigs and cows looked up at us with innocent, trusting eyes.

I felt unsettled, and not just because of the smell in those barns. (Ick. I could never be a farmer.) I suppose it’s worthwhile to be conscious of the fact that your corn dog was once a pink, snorting piglet, lazing around in a puddle of mud, but it’s a reality I like to pretend doesn’t exist. This is why people become vegetarian.

Thankfully, I wasn’t that unsettled, and I went on to enjoy all the rest of the fair’s offerings. Including this chainsaw-carving competition:

And Hansen’s Spectacular. The Hansen parents were both part of traveling family acts as children, and now, they have three children of their own, all of whom were in their act. (Yes, their two-year-old was part of the performance.) Presented without further comment:


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