The Evolution of a “Twitter Genius”

I said I wouldn’t join. “I can’t think of a bigger waste of time,” I said.

But a coworker at the time insisted that Twitter was really great, and I was really missing out, and I started thinking that perhaps it would be a bad career move to remain unfamiliar with this growing social media platform.

So in January 2010, I joined Twitter. My first tweet? “I can’t believe I joined Twitter.”

I barely used it for the first year or so. I checked it once every few months, and could count my number of followers on my fingers and toes. If I wanted to share a link or a witty thought, I did it on Facebook.

Then, something changed. I started following more relevant accounts—namely, ones that could tell me when last-chance concert tickets were going on sale—and I started interacting with other users. Twitter became kind of fun.

Last July, I moved over to Runner’s World. I inherited the brand’s Twitter account from Sue, and at first, I had no idea what to tweet. I read the first message over about 20 times before hitting send. “I can’t believe 90,000 people are going to see this,” I thought.

And now, that account has over 320,000 followers. How did this happen? I’ve talked about it a few times—most recently, here—but I do have trouble explaining it.

One thing I know for sure: I have become a tremendous Twitter nerd. I feel empty on the days I don’t check it to avoid seeing Mad Men spoilers. I just emailed the folks I’m going to the Outer Banks with next week to establish an official vacation hashtag. And I smiled when I saw the caption next to my photo in our upcoming Runner’s World Half & Festival feature: “Meghan Loftus, Twitter genius.”


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One Response to The Evolution of a “Twitter Genius”

  1. Someone named “poop” started following me on twitter a few years ago, and I remember thinking for a split second that it was you, even though you were against twitter. Glad you eventually joined the trend! I enjoy stalking your life 140 characters at a time. Also: I wonder if anyone’s actually joined twitter in the past year just to follow the Runner’s World tweets!

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