Time out!

I started this blog because the job I had at the time didn’t really involve much writing, and I didn’t want to get rusty.

Last July, I got a job that requires me to write pretty regularly, and much of that writing is done in WordPress. In the last month or so, with the launch of our News blog and the ramping up of Boston coverage, I’ve been writing several posts each day.

To say I am tired of looking at WordPress by the time I leave work is an understatement. Other things I am usually tired of by the time I get home:

  • Being in front of a computer
  • Using my brain
  • Not wearing sweatpants

I love my job, but since blogging has become such a large part of it, I have little to no desire to do it outside of office hours. I’d rather spend my time reading magazines, or watching Netflix, or interacting with other living beings (i.e. my boyfriend, Nermal, my friends who still live in the Lehigh Valley).

So, for the time being, at least, I’m going to be taking a “time out,” Zack Morris style, from this blog.

Phew. Now that I’ve announced this, I can stop feeling guilty for my lack of updates…right?


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One Response to Time out!

  1. Nnnnooooooooooo!
    Just kidding.
    Kind of.

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