On the road (or in the air) again

Bad news for blog stalkers (J-Fed, I’m assuming you’re out there, putting off law school work): I likely won’t have much time to be posting in the next few weeks…or months.

I’m heading to Orlando tomorrow for a week with my mom, but that’s far from the only travel plan in my future.

I hope this hotel has a sweet fake beach with hammocks like the one I stayed in last year.

The following weekend, I’ll be in Boston for St. Patrick’s Day. (Crazy party? I hope so.) The following weekend is St. Douglas Day, sure to be even more epic than last year. The following weekend, I’m going to Atlantic City to run a half-marathon, and that takes us into April.

I have two work trips in April–to Boston, and to Big Sur, for the marathons. In May, I’ll be going into Philly (and possibly Brooklyn) for a few concerts, and spending Memorial Day weekend in Vermont. In June, I’m planning a week in the Outer Banks.

Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, New York, Vermont, and North Carolina? Surely that is the greatest number of states I’ve ever visited in the first half of a year, in my entire life.

So apologies in advance for rare posting, though I’m sure when I do post, I’ll at least have something to report.

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3 Responses to On the road (or in the air) again

  1. MyOwnPace says:

    Lucky girl! OBX & NY are two of my faves! Safe travels!

    • mgloftus says:

      I’ve never been to OBX–any suggestions as to what I should do? (Other than sitting on the beach, which I plan to do a lot of.)

      • MyOwnPace says:

        there isn’t a lot to do in the OBX–that’s why it’s my fav! lol But def take any of the boat tours/ferry’s to the lighthouse-totally worth it. You will definitely see the wild horses on the beach=amazing. Enjoy!

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