The JFK 50 Mile Run, or, why I do the things I do

“You will never run a 50-miler like I will never get a dog!” –Tish Hamilton, my coworker who is driving out tonight to pick up a cockapoo puppy

Tish tweeted earlier today about the JFK 50 Mile Run, how it’s the perfect 50-miler for a first-timer.

I’ve entertained the notion of an ultramarathon before, but I was thinking more along the lines of a 50K. (That’s about the shortest race distance that’s longer than a marathon.)

I Googled the JFK 50 anyway, and I learned that this year is its 50th anniversary. Hmm. That probably means cool shirts and cool medals. And, last year, the “A” qualifying standard for women was a 4:30 marathon. I have six sub-4 marathons under my belt. It’d be nice to feel like one of the “fast” people for a change.

But really, why on earth am I considering this? This race would likely take me at least nine hours. Nine hours! Of running! That’s crazy-talk. I don’t like running that much.

I know, deep down, that I’m only considering this because I like to do impressive things. And honestly, running marathons doesn’t feel all that impressive anymore. I’ve run six of them now, and even when I’m completely miserable for the bulk of the race, I can no longer take too much satisfaction in just finishing.

The Empire State Building Run-Up? I had never done anything like that before, and it sounded uniquely crazy. I was excited to just finish. And this 50-miler, if I did, in fact, manage to finish, would please me in the same way. (It would just take approximately 8 hours and 43 minutes longer.)

I don’t know. Tish says you don’t have to train all that much more for one of these, but she regularly trains a lot more than I do (i.e. 6-7 days/week, 40-55 miles/week versus my 4-5 days/week, 30-50 miles/week during marathon training).

I am at least going to check out the registration guidelines for this year’s race when they’re updated March 1.

Footnote: Someday I will return to blogging about topics other than running. I promise. Stick with me, non-runners.

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5 Responses to The JFK 50 Mile Run, or, why I do the things I do

  1. Brook Wolcott says:

    Do it!

  2. Bernie says:

    Run times are typically about the same as bike times.

    • mgloftus says:

      I guess that means it’s a very technical bike course? I like the idea of the JFK 50 because there’s only one part that’s trail and it’s the part when you should be going extra slow (i.e. the beginning).

  3. MyOwnPace says:

    wow. that sounds impressive. go for it! isn’t it funny how we train so long to reach a new fitness goal and once we achieve it and think it wasn’t THAT hard we immediately look for the next more challenging thing?? good luck!

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