On New Year’s Resolutions

Resolution #1: Spend more time shouting at people through my MeghanPhone.

Help! It’s January 3rd, and I don’t know where my New Year’s Resolutions are.

Usually, I have exactly three resolutions selected by the last week in December, though I’m only using the word “resolutions” because of the new-year context. I always choose three concrete goals–like break 1:45 in a half-marathon, or have more money in savings at the end of the year than I had at the beginning–because then I know whether I succeeded or failed.

Resolutions like “eat better” or “read more” are too vague, and you can fail at frequency-based resolutions like “eat a big salad for lunch every day” or “read a book a week” before January is even over.

But this year, I’ve got nothing. And it’s partially because I have too many things I want to do.

I’d like to run a Boston qualifier marathon, though I’d even settle for an OBQ (old BQ) time. I’d also like to finally break 21 minutes in a 5K, which would beat my high-school PR. I’d also like to strength-train more regularly, though that’s not a concrete goal, and I’d like to find a way to work plyometrics into my routine.

And that’s just fitness stuff. To improve my health in a broader sense, I’d like to make a bigger point of eating local foods, eat more vegetables and fewer bread products, cook for myself more often, and work on my posture.

And that’s just health stuff. I’d like to walk to work more often, for planet-saving purposes. I’d like to end the year with more money in savings than I began it with–a 2011 goal I failed to meet. I’d like to read more–though I don’t even know what that really means–and watch TV less. I’d like to write more, on this blog, in my journal, and as a freelancer. I’d like to spend less time on Twitter and Facebook.

I’d like to be more grateful and more thoughtful. I’d like to reconnect with friends I’ve been neglecting. I’d like to get rid of stuff I don’t need and simplify my life a bit. I’d like to be more mindful, and spend more time living in the moment and less time worrying about the past or the future, which is the opposite of what I am doing in this post and which goes against everything that making resolutions is about.

I suppose it’s good that I have so many ideas, but it’s overwhelming. I need to choose what’s most important to me, but I also need to choose something actionable. I’ll think on it.

Resolution #2: Attend more fancy parties.


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