2011 in Review

I said I was going to do it, and here it is: A comprehensive wrap-up of 2011, in which I basically brag about how many awesome friends I have and how many awesome things we do together.

I’ll place it behind a cut, as there are lots of photos. (Well, 12 photos–one for every month of the year.) Continue at your own risk, people who are linking here from my blog’s homepage!


Check out the pipe cleaner microphones.

Highlight: Katie’s karaoke birthday party, in which Katie, Erin, Kara, Carly, and I learned the dance to N’Sync’s “I Want You Back” and performed for adoring fans. Yes, a video exists. No, I’m not going to share it here.

That month, I also moved into my new apartment (and threw a killer housewarming…almost literally, in my case). And I went downhill skiing for the first (and possibly last) time.


Fake beach at my hotel. I'll take it!

Highlight: Disney World, where I ran a half-marathon PR and went to all the parks in the space of two days. In February, I also went to NYC for Christine’s birthday and saw Girl Talk, yet again. Oh, and I started this blog! Holler.


All hail St. Douglas.

Highlight: Though I love St. Patrick’s Day and all its related festivities with all my heart, this year, St. Douglas Day trumped it as the best part of March. (I did have a great time at the Erin Express in Philly and the annual West End St. Patty’s bar crawl, though.) And I went to see Wicked with my mom, which was great.


Fueling up for LCD during my first trip to the Beer Garden in Astoria.

Highlight: Without question, the final LCD Soundsystem show. Greatest live music performance in the history of time. (In case I didn’t already make that clear in my April post about it.)


The wharf in Monterey.

Highlight: Heading out to California to run Big Sur and visit Alexis. It was a beautiful race and a fun time. (OK, so I left at the end of April, but the race was in May. I’m putting it in May.)

I also ran another marathon that month, which sucked, but I like to think it gives me street cred.


At the ever-classy Fish Tales.

Highlight: So, I know I went to Barcelona in June, which was great, but my real favorite part of that month was going back to Ocean City, Maryland, with some of my closest friends. And who could forget our first Start Making Sense show at the Funhouse? June was a great month, really.


Amurrican pride.

Highlight: Obviously, nothing can top the Very Tunkhannock 4th celebration. I shot a gun! (That wasn’t the most fun part, but it was probably the most American part.) Dance parties, nightswimming, giant cookie cake…what a weekend.


"The Monocacy Creek is flooding. Everyone needs to leave."

Highlight: Even though it rained pretty much the entire time, it was another successful year for Musikfest. After the Start Making Sense show flooded–literally–we brought the party back to Rebecca’s and had one of the best in-home dance parties of 2011. The first weekend was fun too, because Lauren visited!


Dance circle around the birthday girl.

Highlight: I turned 25 and a bunch of my BFFs came together to celebrate with me. We went to see Start Making Sense–geez, they’re turning up a lot this year–in NYC, and the band announced my birthday while I was in the bathroom. (Contrary to what Christine shouted at the band in reply, I was only peeing.) The next day, we went to the Beer Garden and ate cake. I’ve never felt more loved.

Reba‘s going away party was another high point in September, although now none of us will ever eat a Totino’s pizza roll ever again.


A good looking group at HiFi.

Highlight: Halloween in NYC, which was fun and it allowed me to miss being at home without power for two days due to Oksnowberfest. The West Allentown Food Crawl comes in a close second, only because I felt like dying for a good portion of that experience.

And, I deeply enjoyed the night that Paul, Brett, Molly, Katie, and I went to the haunted house and then checked out Fuglee’s Pub in Easton. It doesn’t get more Lehigh Valley.

And I ran a marathon that sucked, again, but at least I got to see Jenn Merry, Nick, and Alexis.


Outside the Yuengling brewery in our matching T-shirts.

Highlight: Although I was skeptical when the idea was introduced, Pennsylvaniafest was one of the best days of 2011: Yuengling brewery tour, Cabela’s, Premise Maid chocolates, Clover Hill Winery, campfire, VFW, and dance party in the newly-named Jungle Room.

My NYC Marathon experience was also amazing, even though I didn’t run, and the marathon I did run (Philly) went super-well and made me not hate marathons anymore.

And I had a personal-life victory in November that I will continue to be vague about on my blog.



Highlight: Even though I felt like death by approximately 6 p.m., SantaCon was a tremendously fun day. (Eating a giant plate of falafel and immediately getting on the subway: Just don’t do it.)

What a year, amirite? I said at the end of last year, “I just don’t know how 2010 can be topped!” And lo and behold, 2011 topped it. I just don’t know how 2011 can be topped. Give it your best shot, 2012!


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