Quick #RWRunStreak update

I’ve spent my afternoon on Google searching for bloggers who’ve been posting about the Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak (for a Training Daily blog post TK tomorrow), and I’ve found a lot of folks who mentioned it once or twice a few weeks ago.

I keep thinking, “How am I supposed to know whether they’re still streaking or not if they don’t update their blogs?”

And then I realized I’ve barely updated my own blog, with streak-related posts or otherwise.

Attention, world: I am still streaking.


I just had two one-mile days in a row, but two one-mile days are better than two zero-mile days.

My mileage has been suffering a bit in the last week or so, but I definitely wouldn’t have bothered running at all on Christmas Eve or yesterday if it weren’t for the streak.

I’ll definitely run January 2, if only to make this an even 40-day streak. Whether I’ll then shoot for 50, 100 (and a case of beer), or 365 (or more) remains to be seen.


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One Response to Quick #RWRunStreak update

  1. Barb N says:

    Still streaking here, too. It has greatly increased my mileage. I’m glad to see the mile runs on yours too! Sometimes that will have to do, but more often I’ve intended to only run a mile and ended up running 3. This is the longest streak I’ve ever had. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it up either, but I’m so glad I started it!

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