#RWRunStreak: Oh, we’re halfway there

And now “Livin’ on a Prayer” is stuck in your head. You’re welcome. (It’s the only acceptable Bon Jovi song in existence, though I’m pretty sure I think that just because my [Catholic] high-school pep band played it before every basketball game. I enjoy a little religious humor.)

This morning, I completed my 20th run in 20 days for a total of 71.52 miles since the streak began. That averages out to about 3.5 miles per day.

I was up to 50 miles a week at the peak of my marathon training, but compared to what my usual December data would look like if I’d ever kept track of it before, this is pretty good.

I didn't wear it because I'm saving it forever.

Giving blood didn’t affect my running, though I did nearly pass out mid-donation in an embarrassing moment I’m glad no coworkers were around to see. (Three volunteers swooped in around me. One reclined my chair. One started moving my legs around to get blood to my brain. One held a can of Dr. Pepper for me to drink.) I emerged with a totally awesome sticker, so it’s all good.

I ran a mile in the dark before SantaCon: the first time I’ve ever had to run with a flashlight. It was not my favorite, but I felt (slightly) less disgusting for the rest of the day.

The three run-streakers on the crawl pretend to be in starting blocks at the Greenwich Treehouse. Normal.

I’m still enjoying the whole thing, though the laundry situation leaves much to be desired. And I’m really hoping to work in strength training more in the future. I lifted for a half hour yesterday, and my soreness today leads me to believe my muscles aren’t what they once were.

On my list of things to purchase before the streak ends on January 1st: streamers that Sue, Melissa, and I can run through as finish-tape at the end of our (likely only) one-mile run on New Year’s Day. I may keep streaking after that, but I really want that photo op.

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