Ode to Stonecat

A local cover band called Stonecat plays at the Emmaus VFW every few months. (Yes, I am a member. No, I’m not a veteran of a foreign war.) I have only seen them once, but I’ve been counting down the days until their return (which is TONIGHT!). Here’s why:

The hair! The shoes!

1. Dance! Party! I’ve never met a dance party I don’t like. They also cover some great bands, like…

2. The! Police! I remember hearing “Message in a Bottle” last time. What a classic track.

3. Deer! Beer! The VFW carries Schmidt Beer, which costs less than a dollar per bottle when purchased as a six-pack. (And enough of us go for that to make sense.) Also, the labels have deer pictures on them, which led to me shouting, multiple times, “THIS BEER TASTES LIKE VENISON,” the last time we saw Stonecat.

4. I live about a block from the VFW. Location, location, location.

5. My down-the-hall-neighbor also lives about a block from the VFW. His apartment is bigger than mine, and he doesn’t share as many walls with other folks, and he has lots of plants, so we call his apartment the Jungle Room. And when the VFW closes (at midnight!) we like to all head over there for a second dance party, which is awesome because of rules number 1 and 4.

Did I mention their great signage?

Don’t forget the umlaut.


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