I may be addicted to the #RWRunStreak

Today was my eighth consecutive day of running, and I’m not totally sick of it! In fact, I kind of love this.

I’m wondering if I’m going to turn into some kind of streaking nut. I like that there’s no “will I or won’t I run today” question to answer. Now, the question is, “When, and how far?”

There’s no “I don’t feel like running today, but I know I should, but I won’t” guilt. There’s just a consistent-looking bar graph forming on my Dailymile page.

Check out that lack of rest days. Yeah. That's what's up.

I’ve taken two one-mile days–once because my stomach was full of pizza and soda when I had time to run, and once because I was about to do Body Works class–but that’s all. And five days a week of more-than-one-mile running ain’t bad, especially since I usually run four days a week max in the off-season.

I’m also finding that I’m running with other people a lot more, which is pretty nice. I went with coworkers yesterday and today at lunch, and I’m getting up to run tomorrow with a friend. (If said friend isn’t too hungover from Fifth Street Cross.)

This Holiday Running Streak technically lasts 39 days. I’ll likely run on January 2, also, just to make it 40. And then, I’m so close to 50. And Nick Galac said he’d buy me a case of Victory HopDevil if I make it to 100. And once I’m at 100, I might as well stick it out for a year and get listed on the United States Running Streak Association’s website…right? And then, it’d be a shame to break such a streak for anything less than horrible illness or injury…

I don’t know where this will end up going. But it’s going somewhere.


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6 Responses to I may be addicted to the #RWRunStreak

  1. I had the exact same thought….why stop at 39?! Whoa….only 8 days, and I’m already delirious!

    • mgloftus says:

      I’m kind of thinking the same thing, like, “I say this is a great idea NOW, but how will I feel by the end of the month?” I guess we’ll find out! Glad the streak’s going well for you too!

  2. Barb N says:

    I’m addicted, too! I am so glad you had this brilliant idea. A couple of days I started with the intention of only running 1 mile, but I end up running at least a 5k. I have made this decision to run everyday and I’m loving it! Half the battle for me is getting going some days and now it isn’t optional. I never regret going for a run and I always regret it when I skip a run. I’m looking forward to seeing my increased mileage and (hopefully) increasing my speed as a result of it. I’ve been running a lot at night after I get my kids to bed and that has been working for me.

    Here’s to long streaks!!

    • mgloftus says:

      That’s great, Barb! I have taken a couple one-mile days, largely because I am scared to run too much without much rest when my body’s not used to it, but they always feel a little pointless. It takes me longer to get dressed for a one-mile run in the cold than it takes to DO a one-mile run in the cold. Good luck to you, and glad the streak’s going well!

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