The #RWRunStreak begins!

Since I last blogged about my Holiday Running Streak idea here, it’s really taken off. I posted about it on, and it’s now the first-ever RW Holiday Running Streak. This means that a lot of other people are planning to do this with me, and that a lot of people will find out if I don’t follow through. Gulp.

Post-race, back inside in the warmth.

Well, it’s the first day, and so far, so good. I dragged myself out of bed for Binghamton’s 8K Turkey Trot. (New distance equals guaranteed PR!) I think this is the first year they’ve had it, and a couple hundred people showed up–possibly more runners than they were expecting. They may have had a bullhorn, but it wasn’t loud enough for the crowd to hear the directions, so when the race started, it was kind of a surprise.

The course went through a flat park I know pretty well. I wore my Philadelphia Marathon shirt so everyone would know why I was slow, but then I wasn’t particularly slow. I finished in about 36:50 (7:24-ish miles), and if my count at the turnaround was correct, I was the 13th woman overall. I’ll certainly take it!

It’s kind of nice to run a race at home. I saw some folks I knew out on the course, running and spectating, and after the turnaround, someone coming in the other direction said, “Nice job, Meghan!” (Thanks, person. I didn’t see you, so I am not sure who you are, but I assume I know you!)

And now it is time to stuff my face. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! And to my fellow run-streakers: Just 38 more days to go!


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3 Responses to The #RWRunStreak begins!

  1. Ann E says:

    Thanks for starting the streak! I am so excited to participate!

    • mgloftus says:

      Thanks for participating! I’m so glad so many people are into this idea. Should be interesting to see how many of us are still into it a month from now!

  2. sutah says:

    i’m in. Just did 2 miles.

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