Happy marathonniversary to me

About 6.5 miles into my first 26.2. Looking chipper.

Two years ago today, I ran my first marathon in Philadelphia in 3:58:17.

Now, I have run six of them, all under four hours, with a PR of 3:41:30.

I am one of those jerks with a 26.2 sticker on the back of my car. I am one of those jerks who would hesitate to run a half that’s part of a full (which is stupid–I love halfs!). I am one of those jerks who claims to not run with music but will carry an emergency iPod for rough marathons, and one of those jerks who will fly past people using their emergency iPods during the final miles if I’ve run a smart race and am feeling relatively good.

I am a jerk, but at least I’m a jerk who runs marathons…a fit jerk. And I hope to keep being this type of jerk for many more years and many more marathons.

(Note: Someday I will return to posting about things other than running. Today is not that day.)


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