All I do is win

Remember that VH1 show called The Best Week Ever? (A quick Google search seems to indicate it’s still on, but I don’t have TV, so I didn’t realize.)

Well, I may have just had The Best Week Ever. I have been having life victories all over the place.

One example of a smaller life victory: I got in my car Friday to head to Philadelphia for the marathon–which went spectacularly, and will get its own post, preferably when I have race-photo proofs to add–and I thought, “I remember driving to this race two years ago, and I had a free trial of satellite radio. I wonder if they do that every year at this time.” So I pushed the XM button on my stereo, and sure enough, I could get many of the stations.

And I was listening to the ’90s channel, and this song came on, and I sang the whole thing, because I had it on CD single and I know all the transitions:

If that doesn’t say “winning,” I don’t know what does.

More on my PR (!!!) to come this week.


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