We’re going streaking!

This morning, as I went for a quick one-mile jog after the Pilates class I’m trying out, I wondered how I could motivate myself to keep running between the Philadelphia Marathon and when training begins for whatever spring race I end up doing.

I always struggle in the “off-season.” I figure, “Well, I have to train hard again soon–might as well slack off while I still can!”

I’ve been following The Beer Runner on Twitter and DailyMile for some time, and as I finished my single loop of the fitness trail, it hit me: A run streak. I’d attempt a run streak.

Hey, remember when Will Ferrell was on the cover of RW? I actually do. (I subscribed in high school.)

For the non-runners out there, a “run streak” just means running at least one mile per day for…however long you choose. Some people do it for years. The idea is that something is better than nothing, and some days, all it takes is one mile to make you eager to keep going.

Full credit for the completion of this idea goes to my friend Sue. I told her I’d been toying with the concept, and she suggested we both attempt it sometime after Philly. I said, “How about we start on Thanksgiving and aim to go through New Years? I don’t know if I can handle an indefinite one.” And she replied, “#CookiesAndPieSeasonRunningStreak.” And we’re off!

This does raise some important questions. Like, what if I get bronchitis again? (Lots of one-mile runs, I guess.) What if there’s a blizzard? (A very slow, one-mile run, I guess.) How on earth am I going to do this, considering I own only one pair of running tights? (Those tights are going to be disgusting. Or, I could invest in more.)

I’m looking forward to this new challenge. It should be a refreshing change of pace from trying to meet time or (significant) distance goals. My only goal for this holiday season is to keep running with regularity, and #HolidayRunStreak (my preferred hashtag) seems like a great way to do it.


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6 Responses to We’re going streaking!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Do you seriously only own one pair of running tights?! Even I own two! Invest.

    • mgloftus says:

      I know, I know. I have two pairs of running capris and one pair of running pants, but just one pair of tights. And I bought those tights in high school. Ha.

  2. Lauren says:

    My friend has a streak that’s gone on for six years now. At least one mile a day, every day!

  3. Cristiana says:

    I just saw this on RW site and I think I’m in!

    Besides the motivation of doing a good healthy thing for myself though, I need some kind of end reward. We should have t-shirts made up…(even if just on Zazzle or something)

    • mgloftus says:

      Ahh T-shirts! I like that idea a lot. A shirt marking this accomplishment would mean a lot more than the race shirts I have. Plenty of people do races, but not nearly as many people attempt streaks.

  4. Cristiana says:

    Yes! Plus I am a sucker for medals and shirts…and pint glasses, and random finisher’s awards…shwag generally I guess. Sadly, it truly motivates me. I’m like a child, I like shiny new things. But nobody else would have a 2011 Holiday Streak shirt! Do you think RW would be interested in doing something semi-official that participants could order, or would we need to just do it on the side?

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