Two things I find alarming about the Internet

1. The incredible number of outlets that allow you to share personal information. I have a presence on Facebook (two accounts, actually – made a separate one for work), Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress (duh), Dailymile, FourSquare (which I link to Twitter), LinkedIn, and Google+. I check Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr at least a few times every day, and WordPress, Dailymile, and FourSquare at least few times a week. (And I’ve actually cut down on Facebook and Tumblr, if you can believe it.) If we took into account the platforms I used to use religiously – Webshots and LiveJournal, what what? – the amount of total content I’ve pumped into the Internet would be even greater.

Third alarming Internet thing: This screengrab of Lance Bass from the Heart 2 Heart video

2. My ever-present instinct to share information on some or all of these platforms. When I saw this Jezebel story on the new boy band Lance Bass is producing (they’re called Heart 2 Heart…seriously), I immediately tweeted it. Then, I shared it on my Tumblr, because I wanted to make a few comments about it that wouldn’t fit on Twitter. And then, partially because their first single is called “Facebook Official,” I also posted it on Facebook. And now here it is again on WordPress.

And that’s actually something that might be remotely interesting to some other people. When I tweet, “Clipping coupons in my robe. #oldlady,” like I did on Sunday, what am I trying to accomplish? Why do I want people to know that? What has happened to me?

It gets worse. When I’m out running and something noteworthy happens, I start composing a tweet about it in my head. I found this audio clip pretty far in advance of my 25th birthday and saved it in a Gmail draft to post on Faecbook that day. And, a problem I share with my friend @Kiera_Aaron: I’ve nearly forgotten that the pound key on the telephone is not called a hashtag.

You could blame this on the fact that I tweet, blog, and Facebook for my job, but I was just as bad – if not worse – before I landed the new gig.

I feel like I need to rein it in. A carefully managed web presence seems to be an important thing to be building these days, yet I tweet things like, “Is it bad to wash down a multivitamin with beer?” And if I ever want to develop any kind of reach outside my real-life friends – it would be nice to crack the 200 follower mark on Twitter, and to have more eyeballs reading this blog – I need to be a little more selective and service-y.

But where’s the fun in that? Time to hit “Publish” so I can tweet this post.


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