From zero to sixty

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I love to write, and at the time, I didn’t get to do any writing at work.

Oh, how things have changed! (Well, I still love to write…but there’s no shortage of it to do at work.)

I created seven blog posts today within the Runner’s World Chicago Marathon blog. I’ve also been maintaining their New York City Marathon blog, and editing a bunch of others. Next week, we’re launching a training news blog that I will be helping to “curate.” (Which seems to mean updating and editing.) And all our blogs are hosted on WordPress…just like this one.

I have seen so much WordPress dashboard in the last few days that my dreams tonight will probably take place as a video embedded within a WordPress post.

I’m cutting this one short. I’m going to go not write until I need to call someone on the west coast about a story I’m writing for the magazine.


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