Clean like you were moving

Pretty sure none of these people are even with the company anymore. Good thing I kept this for over three years.

You know that horrible country song “Live Like You Were Dying”? (Now it’s stuck in your head. And mine. Sorry.) Over the weekend, I decided to clean like I was moving, and the placement of the words and tenses of the verbs reminded me of that awful tune.

Anyway, when you move, you get rid of as much crap as possible so there’s less to pack and drag to your new place. I just moved in January, so you’d think I would be relatively crap-free. Au contraire. (Look at me, speaking French!) I ended up getting rid of two big Target bags of clothes/shoes/accessories and recycling a ton of papers I didn’t need.

My favorite find: the agenda for the first day of my internship, which began June 2…2008. Yes, that document made it through not one move, but two. What has two thumbs and needs a better filing system? This girl.

The most exciting thing I found was my American Specialty Health insurance card. We have secondary health insurance that covers alternative medicine, and alternative medicine includes sports massages. YES. I thought I had never received my card and had been meaning to call the company about it. Now, I’ll just be calling the massage therapist I’ve heard is good and booking an appointment for after the Hartford Marathon.

Now my apartment is nice and clean and relatively clutter-free. I’m celebrating by having people over on Friday to watch Megashark vs. Crocosaurus, starring Jaleel White (best known as Steve Urkel). Clearly.


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2 Responses to Clean like you were moving

  1. Liz says:

    Hey I was just doing a google search using certain Keywords including the phrase “american specialty health” and your blog popped up. What’s your experience been using them for your massages? I’m just curious. No one in that company knows what they’re doing. The Chiropractic DIRECTOR is clueless.

    • mgloftus says:

      Hmm, they’re just the insurance company that covers massages and such, so I went to a massage therapist near work who accepts that form of insurance, and it was fine.

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