Fashion show at lunch!

Fashion Week just happened, so now seems like an appropriate time to blather on about clothes and such. Here I go:

1. I have a friend named Sue, and she is probably my most fashionable friend. Last Halloween, two of my guy friends dressed up as her. One was Marathon Sue (or Running Sue), and one was Fashion Sue. Now, we call her Fashion Sue all the time, and every time I hear that term, I want to say, “Fashion Sue! Fashion Sue! Fashion Sue at lunch!” I said that to Sue once, and she does not watch The Office, so she did not get the reference. So, Fashion Sue, I hope you get to see this:

2. I don’t understand fashion. I went to Project Runway night in Bethlehem once and I was just like, “All this shit is ugly! Give me a T-shirt and jeans.” And indeed, a lot of “fashion” is just plain weird and/or not figure-flattering. Just ask The Man Repeller.

ISO: New boots to wear with my favorite vest.

3. I wish I could put together a more cohesive outfit than a T-shirt and jeans once in a while, but I fear I will fail miserably. As much as I love What Not to Wear, I don’t much want to end up on that show. (Though $5,000 of free clothes would be nice.) I just bought a dress at Target that should go nicely with black tights and these brown booties I bought in 2009 that I’ve barely worn because they’re…intimidating. Let’s see if I ever work up the nerve to wear that getup in public.

4. I need new brown boots, as my $35 pair from last winter self-destructed. I want them to look roughly like the pair in the photo to the right: almost knee-height, full zipper, not much heel, and not made for man-calves. I’ve only found one pair I liked this year, and then I discovered they cost $275. (Not costing $275 is another requirement.) Halp!

5. I’m going to go read People Style Watch, as it’s the only fashion magazine that doesn’t have things labeled as “price on request.” If a price has too many zeroes at the end for it to fit in your little text box, I don’t even want to see the item. What a tease.


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One Response to Fashion show at lunch!

  1. Claire K says:

    Fashion Meghan: Definitely check out DSW on Airport Rd. for boots. Good selection and decent prices. Ohhh yeah.

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