The big 2-5

I don't know which birthday this was. I do know I will never have a cooler birthday outfit.

I am turning 25 on Monday. And instead of freaking out about it, like I’ve seen so many people do before me, I decided to have an entire weekend of fun.

Let me make something clear: I am a birthday person. I have no shame. I am not one to sit back and wait around for people to make plans for me. I sent out an email in July about this. There are over 100 reply-alls in our Gmail chain about it, which I know because it just reset itself.

Now that even my post-college friends are all over the place, I wanted to try to get the band back together for my birthday. And it looks like I will be doing just that.

Six people from the Lehigh Valley, other than me, will be traveling to NYC tomorrow for the Start Making Sense show at Sullivan Hall. (Yes, we are going into the city to see a cover band. Whatever, their Musikfest show got flooded.) Nick’s coming in from Connecticut. And at least eight New Yorkers will be joining us.

We will be pregaming at the Greenwich Treehouse, which I chose for its proximity to the venue (and its $6 PBR pounder/shot of whiskey special). We’ll be postgaming at the Dark Room, which I chose because of it being listed as “Ambience: Hipster” on Yelp. We’ve left Saturday’s plans up in the air, as they kind of depend on how we’re all doing after staying out until 4 a.m. (my personal 25th birthday goal).

But really, I am beyond excited. This is going to be the best birthday ever. And, in advance, I’d just like to say:

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3 Responses to The big 2-5

  1. I turned 25 like 25 years ago.

  2. Only way to go! (rather than freak out about 25!)

    OH MY GOD @ that video. Wow. LOL!

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