Movin’ on up…to a cubicle

As most of my friends know by now, I will be starting a new job at Runner’s World a week from Wednesday. I am super excited. I’ll be doing editorial work of some variety, which is more up my alley than what I’ve been doing, and it will all be about running. (And I love running. Obviously.)

As the Runner’s World offices are in the same building as my current job, the only relocation involved is moving down the hall. From my office into a cubicle.

Farewell, friend. It’s been fun.

A few people have remarked, “Ooh, back to a cubicle, huh? That sucks.” And it’s true, when I moved into my office a year ago, I thought it was the greatest thing ever. I could close my door and listen to loud music, or talk on speakerphone, or call the pet groomer to make an appointment to get Nermal’s nails trimmed without anyone overhearing.

However, my office has no windows. It often feels like a cave. If I keep the door closed for too long, I start to feel like there’s no air circulating and like I’d like to take a nap. I never managed to install a George-Costanza-esque sleep station below my desk, so I just sit feeling lethargic and unproductive.

Offices don’t really lend themselves to much interaction, either, especially when you’re working in a department with just two other people who have their own. I have gone entire days barely talking to anyone. The primary mode of communication at my current job is email, as all our international partners are in different time zones, so even phone conversations have been limited. Any of my friends who have stopped by my office unexpectedly could attest to how socially awkward I become when I haven’t spoken to anyone all day.

Well, no more. I will be sharing a super-cube with three other people, so I will have to talk at work. I will have a standing desk and no option to close the door, so I should have more energy and be more productive. And I’ve learned to trim Nermal’s nails on my own, so at least that kind of embarrassing phone call no longer needs to happen.


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One Response to Movin’ on up…to a cubicle

  1. Allison K says:

    Congrats again on the new job!

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