I just don’t feel like it

Right now, some of my friends are at a bar just a few blocks from my apartment gettin’ their trivia on. I am on my recliner in my pajamas. I just watched two episodes of Glee, ate a popsicle, and made the conscious choice to not go anywhere tonight. Why?

I just don’t feel like it!

This happens to me once in a while. People are out having fun, but I’d rather hang by myself. Perhaps it’s an only-child thing. Who knows? Sometimes I just enjoy being alone.

I have already gotten two texts to say, “Where are you? Come to trivia!” And it’s nice to know that I am missed, though I do feel a little bit guilty. (One of my favorite bloggers likes to say “sorry I’m not sorry.” I think that is an awesome personal motto, but it’s one I’ve yet to fully adopt.) I am tempted to go through the full litany of reasons I’ve given myself to justify skipping, but that would only reinforce my guilt.

So, I’m just not going. I’m going to sit at home with my cat in my fabulous, single-lady apartment and watch Netflix until I decide to go to bed. (Which will probably be very soon, as I have a hilly run to look forward to tomorrow morning.)

(This is not my cat. I found this on the internet.)

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