Me and Glee

So, I haven’t been completely honest. I said I wasn’t updating because my life has become too hectic, which is only partially true. The other reason is – brace yourselves – I’ve gotten hooked on Glee.

This makes no sense at all. In high school, I found the extreme theater kids to be the most annoying. Anyone who burst into song at random times was not cool with me, especially if the song was a showtune.

I can’t be sure why these singing and dancing fools irked me so much, but I suspect it was because, deep down, I wanted to be more like them. My greatest ambition in middle school was to be an actress, as I’ve previously mentioned. I still wonder what would have happened if I had stuck with that. (Let’s be honest, probably nothing, and my lack of vocal skills – for singing and for talking loudly – would have sunk me pretty quickly.)

Regardless, I enjoy good singing when appropriate, and it’s appropriate on a show about a glee club. And nothing makes me regret abandoning dance lessons after just one year (I was 5) like a well-choreographed routine. Glee has plenty of those. Also, the show has some soap-opera-like plotlines and some major eye candy. (It’s cool – the actor who plays Finn was born in 1982. I am allowed to ogle.) I don’t even mind the overwhelming amount of radio pop. Some of these songs are much catchier than I realized. Exhibit A:

So now the internet knows my embarrassing secret. I like Glee. Please do not drench me with a slushie the next time you walk by.


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