How I love Les Poissons

On the drive home yesterday, I was discussing my heritage with Rebecca, friend and France enthusiast. All I know definitively about my blood heritage is that my birth mother was Irish and French. (Fun fact for those who are late to the party: I’m adopted!) “I didn’t know you were French, but that makes sense,” Rebecca said. “You look a lot more French than you look Irish.”

But I am le tired.

I don’t really know what French people look like, as I’ve never been to France, but I have been to Ireland and I know many people who claim to be mostly Irish. These people sunburn very easily. I generally don’t. I have some subtle freckles, but I’m no Peppermint Patty lookalike. That’s probably the most Irish thing about my appearance.

I’ve always identified with my Irishness because the family I know and love is Irish too. That’s the common link. But now that I realize there’s probably more French in my blood, it could be cool to get to know that part of my heritage as well.

I’ve been building this interest for some time, now that I think about it. Some of the editors of our French magazines are certainly characters, to say the least, but I always enjoy listening to them talk to each other in French. As much as I make fun of Rebecca for how she says “cwoissant,” the French language sounds pretty cool, and I’d like to learn how to speak it. (“Become fluent in a foreign language” is on my bucket list, and though it would be easier to build on the Spanish knowledge I’ve had since kindergarten, French is more pleasing to my ears.)

I wish I looked less like a generic French person and more like her.

Beyond the language, I also enjoy French movies, at least the ones Audrey Tautou is in. (I have seen all those available on Netflix instant, which probably says more about my girl-crush on Audrey Tautou than about my interest in French culture.) I’d love to someday run the Marathon du Medoc, which combines two of my favorite activities: running and drinking wine. And hey, I have a friend who’s living in France for the next year. Having a place to stay for free means it’s a good time to visit.

That won’t happen until 2012, and only if I manage to find a reasonably priced flight. In the meantime, I will just make some plans to celebrate Bastille Day next week. Maybe this year I will even Google search it to find out what exactly the holiday is meant to celebrate. Vive la France?


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2 Responses to How I love Les Poissons

  1. You will come to visit, or I will disown you. I will teach you about Bastille Day next week, but in the meantime you should watch: Diner de cons, Le Roi de Coeur, Triplets of Belleville (not really in French, which might be good), and the original Cage Aux Folles. It’s like … extra gay.

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