Quit your beachin’

Dear loyal readers,

I meant to put up a “I won’t be posting for a few days” disclaimer last week before I departed for a long weekend in Ocean City, Maryland, but I did not. My life has suddenly become rather busy, and I suspect it will only get more intense for the next several weeks.

I didn’t have a single weeknight free last week, nor will I have any this week. I will literally be doing two jobs starting tomorrow, as my boss’s last day was Friday and we do not yet have a replacement. I am booked solid on the weekends through mid-July. And marathon training begins next Monday. (#FirstWorldProblems. #WhiteWhine. Etc.)

Thankfully, I had a great weekend in OCMD. We had some quality time on the beach, during the day and at night, we ate plenty of Old Bay, and general silliness ensued.

Planking really is hilarious. I didn’t understand it until now.

Oh, did I mention the weekend included a ride in a minivan-taxi that featured a large, drop-down flatscreen TV and a woofer? Our cab driver, Bichara, was a huge Nicki Minaj fan.

So, expect fewer posts until my life gets a little less hectic. I will try to keep my whining to a minimum because hey, it’s summer.


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3 Responses to Quit your beachin’

  1. I once planked on Nicki Minaj.

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