The perfect evening

I had one of the best Lehigh Valley Saturday nights last night, the kind that reminds me why living here can be pretty great.

It all began with a trip to La Placita, a Mexican grocery store in Allentown that has a few tables in the back. Best enchiladas in town, for sure, and I hadn’t been there in months.

Since I didn’t take a picture of my food, here is a shot I am borrowing from The Morning Call.

Then, we went to Nick’s to watch Napoleon Dynamite, which Andrew had never seen. (I still don’t understand how he dodged that in college.) “So, if we purchase the 24-piece set the mini sailboat is included?”

Then, to the Funhouse to see Start Making Sense, an excellent Talking Heads cover band. The dance party got pretty out of control, which is my favorite kind of dance party. Also, I need to spend more time at that bar. The people there actually looked roughly like me, whereas most bars in Bethlehem are full of people who look more like the cast of Jersey Shore.

The lead singer with his David Byrne glasses on. Can’t wait to see them at Musikfest!

And I ended the night with some Wawa mac ‘n’ cheese. You can’t do that in New York City!


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6 Responses to The perfect evening

  1. blinderd says:

    sounds like a great time! i’ve passed the funhouse millions of times but never ventured in. thanks for making it seem a little less frightening, i’ll have to check it out!

  2. Which terrible bars are you hanging out at in Bethlehem? I never see Jersey Shore-type folks when I go out in Bethlehem. And have you noticed a population shift since most Lehigh University students have gone home for the summer break?

    • mgloftus says:

      I was mostly referring to Starters Riverport and the Firehouse – the places you can go to dance. There was plenty of dancing at the Funhouse, and it was real dancing, not disgusting grinding-style “dancing.” The North side bars I’ve been to are fine, I suppose, but kind of boring.

  3. Hey guys – Just wanted to let you know that I didn’t make it to the show on Saturday, despite repeated requests to attend. Even though I was in the Lehigh Valley, for some reason, I didn’t think this was cool enough.

  4. Funhouse is fun – no doubt. 🙂

    There’s live music at Sands Casino every night and usually people dancing, especially on weekends. Roosevelt’s 21st, Mach’s Gute and Steelgaarden may be more boring than McGrady’s or Tally Ho but at least they are usually devoid of the Jersey Shore type. There has been dancing at the rock/indie shows I’ve seen at SteelStacks and of course at Musikfest!

    I’ve seen people dancing Melt and Pacifico in Center Valley (at the Promenade shops) on weekends; Pacifico has salsa (fun) and Melt has a DJ.

    In Easton on the weekend, people usually dance to live music at Porter’s Pub and to a DJ at Drinky’s.

    Have you tried any of those places? What do you think?

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