Barcelona: The End

The conference ended Friday afternoon, which left some prime sightseeing time before anyone could go out to dinner. Nicole suggested we go to La Pedrera, another one of Gaudi’s buildings. So, we did, even though she was tired enough to fall asleep standing up while waiting in line to go in.

I knew little about La Pedrera before I went, so I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived on the roof and it looked like this:

You could see La Sagrada Familia from the roof, too. Neat!

I should have been expecting crazy from Gaudi by that point, but this still took me by surprise. The inside of the building was great too, and I am kind of jealous of all the people who actually get to live there. (I say “kind of” because it would be obnoxious to have a long line of tourists surrounding your building every day.)

After napping and showering, it was time for dinner. I went to Cal Pep with Nicole and two of my other coworkers, where we celebrated a job well done with wine and tapas. This was the best meal I had in Barcelona (and I forgot to take food photos, oops!). They brought out five courses: bread covered in some kind of tomato sauce, fried green chili peppers, steamed clams, some kind of omelet thing, and fresh tuna with a tomato-onion salad. I sat with a coworker who speaks Spanish, and thank goodness: They tried to bring us raw beef to spread on little toasts, and she was able to politely send it back and ask for something else.

An illustration of a bunch of celebs along the bar at Cal Pep. We never did figure out who the large-boobed one was suppoesd to be.

This meal gave me energy to stay out dancing until 6 a.m. I lost my jean jacket and may have ruined a good pair of heels, but hey. My goal had been to stay out until sunrise, and the sun rises nice and early there, so, mission accomplished.

I only got about four hours of sleep, as I had to get up to pack and check out. (We returned to the original hotel for the final night of the trip.) Luckily, the weather was beautiful that day, so I was able to spend a significant amount of time resting in a beach chair. I failed at sunscreeen application, so now I am mostly tan with some nice burn lines across my rib cage and on top of my thighs. Still, I’m going to be the darkest kid on our trip to OCMD next week.

That evening, Nicole and I shopped and got some awesome paella. It was black rice paella, the most adventurous thing I ate in Barcelona. The black color comes from squid ink, and I saw at least one tentacle in there. Delicious, though.

It doesn’t dye your mouth black, which surprised me.

The night ended early in anticipation of the long flight home, which went smoothly. Now, I am back in the states for the foreseeable future. I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to see, but I guess that just means I need to go back.

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3 Responses to Barcelona: The End

  1. Allison K says:

    Meghan, sounds like an amazing trip! Makes me want to go to Barcelona. Thanks for sharing!

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