Race Recap: Pocono Run for the Red Marathon 2011

This marathon schooled me, mentally and physically. It wasn’t the course, which was harder than I expected, but still potentially a PR course on fresh legs. It was the fact that I did not have fresh legs.

Even though I took Big Sur relatively easy, it was still a marathon. I still ran it faster than a training run, and it was only two weeks ago. I ignored this, since my legs felt okay, and tried for a 3:40 BQ time regardless. The pacer took us out way too fast, which killed my legs a little, and there was a huge downhill from miles 6 to 8, which killed my legs some more. When I hit the first small incline after that, I knew I was in trouble. My body felt approximately like it did after 18 miles of the New York City Marathon last fall, and I was ten miles short of that marker in this race. (And 18.2 miles from the end.)

At mile 10, I gave up on my time goal and decided I just needed to finish. At mile 14, I stopped checking my watch. Somewhere in there, I gave myself permission to take walk breaks as needed. I had side stitches coming and going, I wanted to barf, and I felt thirsty no matter how much water I took. (Racing in humidity and temperatures above 50 degrees: Not really my jam.) I made it across the line in 3:57:32, about a minute slower than I finished Big Sur, but my second half took almost 20 minutes longer than my first.

I was 2 Legit 2 Quit, but not legit enough to BQ.

Overall, though, it was a fine weekend. I earned  my fourth marathon medal. I got to have photo shoots before and after the marathon, since I am writing about this, which was a lot more fun before the race. (I cannot wait to see how miserable I look in the after photos.) I still haven’t taken longer than four hours to complete a marathon, which is nice to be able to say. And I learned what $5 will buy you in Stroudsburg, PA:

Prince on vinyl - SCORE!


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5 Responses to Race Recap: Pocono Run for the Red Marathon 2011

  1. Dana B says:

    Oy, I love myself some Prince! Sorry to hear your marathon wasn’t what you wanted it to be. Oh the ups and downs of running. It’ll make the BQ all the sweeter.

  2. Nick says:

    I was there cheering on my son and his girlfriend. It was an unbelieveable experience. Everyone showed us what hospitality is all about. I am proud of you and all who ran in this marathon. It is an accomplishment that takes much time and effort and only a very small percentage of people are willing to do that. God bless you now and in your future endeavors.

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