Mother’s Day weekend in fotes

I’m not really feeling a thoughtful, well-constructed post currently. I stayed awake later than usual last night working on a freelance story, and I’m kind of burnt out on the whole writing thing. Thus, my weekend in pictures:

Peach french toast casserole with raspberry sauce and whipped cream. NOMS.

My mom visited for Mother’s Day, an annual tradition now in its third year.  I took her to Sweet Memories for brunch yesterday. Holy God, so delicious. I had the peach french toast casserole with raspberry sauce and whipped cream (pictured). She had the apple-cinnamon crepes with caramel sauce and whipped cream. Starting the day with dessert: Does it get any better than that?

Then, we went to the Emmaus Farmers Market. I am stoked that this is starting up again, and even more stoked that I now live approximately two blocks away. A vendor I had never seen before – I believe they were called ‘stache? – had a bunch of varieties of hummus. We got the caramelized sweet potato kind. YUM. Their logo is a little mustache, which is adorable. I am not generally a fan of mustaches on people – except Ron Swanson – but little hand-drawn mustaches can be cute.

Then, we went out to Bethlehem for the art show and some shopping. I went to The Attic on Broad Street and found the above photo in the dressing room. It looks just like my friend Nick, if Nick were a foot shorter. Eerie resemblance.

Another successful Mother’s Day weekend with the best mother in the world. (You thought your mom was the best mom in the world? You thought wrong!) And I get to see her again at the race next weekend, since she’s coming to cheer me on. See? The best!


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One Response to Mother’s Day weekend in fotes

  1. Allison K says:

    omgosh I am dying to try sweet potato hummus now! What other kinds did they have?

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