Retail therapy

Yesterday, I meant to run out to Target for an ironing board and a duster and then to Sephora to get a new supply of powder. I ended up spending about five hours at Target, the mall, and two other shopping centers. Oops.

I enjoy shopping, deeply. It is in my Top Five. I was raised this way – since I was old enough to care what I was wearing, my mom and I have bonded on our shopping trips. We were never the big-spending, couture-seeking type, at all. We bond best over a good deal. (I once managed to get a $90 Calvin Klein denim jacket for $9: one of our proudest moments.)

I've worn my $9 jacket about a zillion times since I got it in '09. It even survived the legendary night of $1 well drinks at PYT.

However, I often wish I loved shopping a little bit less. I have been trying to save money for my upcoming work trip to Barcelona, but yesterday, I still bought some things I didn’t exactly need.

To be fair, I did not have a decent spring jacket, and since the bulk of my time was spent looking around for one of those, that excuses the $49 I spent on a timeless L.L. Bean yellow coat. (Full price: $99! Deal alert!) I am going to San Francisco later this week, and I spent my last visit shivering in a hoodie. I will not let that happen again.

I am too good at justifying my purchases to myself. This is why I’m not rolling in dough. (Well, and because I work in publishing and I have student loans to pay off.) I guess as long as I stay off True Life: I’m a Compulsive Shopper – an episode I watched with great interest, those people were way worse than me! – I’m good to go.


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