Meghan’s first sick day

I’ve called in sick before, but in the past, we had to use our paid-time-off days when we were sick. In 2011, every employee at my level gets one sick day. I’ve used my quota. Guess I better stay healthy for the rest of the year!

I developed a sore throat sometime yesterday, and it got progressively worse as the day went on. I took some Benadryl before bed thinking it would stop the post-nasal drip and knock me out, and all it did was make me completely batshit crazy. I tossed and turned in a half-awake state for about two hours before I got out of bed and went on the internet. WebMD would solve my problems!

If the back of your throat looks this disgusting, you have strep! Thanks, Internet.

My throat hurt like never before. I could barely swallow. My neck felt…girthy. And since I spent my Saturday night in a sweaty pit full of people, and since at least one of the people I saw that night had had strep in the last week, I figured I must have caught it. I set my alarm for 8 a.m. (when my doctor’s office opens), took some Advil, and finally got to sleep.

I felt better this morning, but I didn’t want to head into the office and infect everyone if I did, in fact, have strep. So I used my one sick day. And it turns out that I probably just have allergies.

I got my taxes done. I got the first draft of a story I’m writing for Runner’s World done. I got some grocery shopping done. (Hey, I wasn’t just going to sit around when I was feeling better.) And I am just going to keep taking Advil at night until the trees stop pollinating.

Dear place of employment: I am sorry I am a hypochondriac, but it is better to be safe than to be that person who gets everyone else in the office sick.


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