You can’t fool me

I have never experienced a truly great April Fools’ Day prank firsthand. Sure, today I went to Pretty Much Amazing to hear the new Outkast/Kanye collaboration, even though I suspected it might not be legit. (Hint: Don’t listen! Just don’t!) Other years, I’ve managed to trick people into thinking I broke my ankle or had amazing concert tickets or whatever else I decided to lie about that year. (I really do have GA tickets to the LCD show tomorrow. I announced that Monday because it’s true.)

The internet has allowed for some clever April Fools’ Day stunts, but they’re not really pranks. You’d have to be both unaware of the date and gullible to believe that Ryan Hall decided to enter a sumo-wrestling tournament or that Starbucks is now delivering via scooter or that Marywood Unviersity’s website was taken over by squirrels.

Cute, but I don’t buy it. Squirrels don’t know HTML.

Part of the problem is that April Fools’ Day is April 1. I always know when a new month is starting, and so does everyone else who has to pay rent. Since I woke up this morning, I’ve been skeptical of everything and everyone, because I am determined to not act a fool.

I have no further plans to prank anyone today, and I hope to avoid getting pranked myself, unless it’s something really good. Someone put bubble wrap under my toilet seat, please!

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