This concert ain’t a track meet…

…it’s a marathon.

Ever since I learned I had floor seats for Saturday’s LCD Soundsystem show, I have been strategizing, almost like I would before a major race. You can’t just waltz in to a three-hour farewell show with no game plan. Some important considerations:


James Murphy has asked attendees to wear black and/or white. Perfect – this gives me an excuse to wear leggings instead of the hotter and heavier option of jeans. I will wear a long and loose white T-shirt on top to conceal the fact that I am not wearing real pants. If this is anything like the last LCD show I saw, there will not be room to actually dance, so everyone will just jump up and down the entire time. This calls for a sports bra. Since I lost my shoe jumping up and down at the last show (and nearly got crushed trying to retrieve it), I will be wearing my Chucks and tying them tight. A pair of non-cotton running socks will prevent blisters. I might even bust out the Bodyglide!


I will be carrying a tiny purse that fits snugly under my arm to avoid hitting anyone in the face. I will be wearing sunglasses, as if they would protect my eyes were a wayward crowdsurfer to kick me in the face. And I hope that my friends with seats will be kind enough to hold onto my jacket during the show. Otherwise, I will be sporting arm-warmers to get there and back.

Dear crowdsurfers: Keep your flailing limbs away from my head.

Day-of-show preparation:

LEAVE EARLY. To get to NYC, and then to get to MSG after that. Everyone has heard my sob story about missing Sleigh Bells last summer because we didn’t leave enough time to get to the venue. That venue was an island, but still. My tickets are Will Call, and I have no idea how long that line will be. If I miss any of this show, I will set myself on fire. Also, Carly and I are going to be limiting our fluid consumption in the afternoon and evening. If we have to leave the floor to pee, we will never get anywhere close to the stage upon returning.

During the show:

Upon arrival, say, “WHAT’S UP MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!” Box out. Probably cry, because this is LCD’s last show and I love them.

After the show:

Potentially go out in New York, if we can find a bar that admits sweaty, smelly individuals. I guess any hipster bar would qualify, then.

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